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Our goal is to help you achieve your running goals.

If your goal is to run a local 5k or a marathon, we will find the right training plan to fit your schedule.

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Personal Coaching is at the heart and soul of Knoxville Endurance. With over 20 years of combined experience, our coaches have a passion for helping people of all levels grow into true athletes. One-on-one training sessions, unlimited communication, and regular consultations with your coach are just a few services provided by our personal coaching program.


Personal Coaching

The personal coaching format is designed for athletes that want regular, face-to-face interaction with their coach throughout their training. Our coaches have a passion for seeing you succeed and desire to be invested in your training every step of the way.

Online Coaching

Online coaching offers the same individualized format as our personal coaching program but is designed to fit the schedule of busy athletes that don't need one-on-one interaction with a coach. Like the personal coaching program, you will have unlimited communication with your coach through e-mail, text messaging, or by phone.

Corporate Wellness

To succeed in today's marketplace, a company's employees must buy into the mission and vision of their employer. By treating your talent like VIPs, your company can gain this commitment to excellence. LEARN MORE

Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition coaching offers the beginner to elite athlete the tools they need to optimize body composition, health, and performance. We evaluate the athlete's current diet and exercise plan and begin the process of eliminating deficiencies and improving habits. Whether the goal is to lose fat, gain muscle, or perform better, a good nutrition plan builds the foundation. You will have unlimited communication through e-mail, text messaging, phone. You will also have ongoing support through KE-Nutrition's private social media page.


We offer multiple training sessions each week for athletes to workout together in a supportive atmosphere.